Palm Beach Gardens Soccer - Coaching Staff 2017-2018

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When you attend PBG Predators Try-outs for 2017-2018, every player will have to follow our player profile and will be assessed accordingly to be placed on teams. The following 3 standards have been designed to allow players & parents to understand the try-out process and also the commitment they must have to PBG Predators.


Talent with and without the ball. A player must represent individual skill with foot-skills and development to improve. Talent is only a small factor to the success of an individual player and players must show hard-work, energy and effort to gain PBG placement.  All players must possess an intelligence to the game and interest to listen and learn. 


The player and family is committing to the long-term success of the player for the whole year. This commitment represents both player and parent with full-time attendance to all training sessions, games and travel. With commitment, you will see a significant growth in the players ability.


Players must allow for our professional coaches to work with them, within a team and individual setting, to help the player improve for the long-term success of the team. The player and parent need to understand that to be coachable allows the success of a player and willingness to learn, change, adapt and grow in multiple roles on and off the field. Players must show respect to the club, to the coach and to fellow team mates in order to succeed. 

2017-18 Scholarship Application
Deadline: Monday, May 22nd or prior this form must be submitted to PBG Predators. Please email scan this form and return to DOC Adam Gee, or print and place in an envelope and hand deliver.

All coaching staff assignments are subject to change

✔ Boys Program

  • 2009 – Coaches Ty Brewer (white), David Farrokh (navy tiempo), Lee Clark (navy vapor), Spencer Cusmano (navy magista)
  • 2008 – Coaches Eduardo Cruz (white), Stephen Arbuzow (navy tiempo), David Farrokh (navy vapor)
  • 2007 – Coaches Kyle Gero (white), Riffin Kajangu (navy tiempo), Mark Dawson/Craig Mooney (navy vapor), Kody Drake (navy magista)
  • 2006 – Coaches Rene Wagner (white), Daniel Techera (navy tiempo)
  • 2005 – * Coaches Rodrigo Suarez (white), Riffin Kajangua (navy)
  • 2004 – * Coaches Kyle Gero (white), Eduardo Cruz (navy tiempo)
  • 2003 – * Coaches Lugent Gutler (white)
  • 2002 –  Coaches Kris Steeves (white), Rene Wagner (navy tiempo)
  • 2001 – * Coaches Rodrigo Suarez (white), Greg Nimchan (navy tiempo)
  • 2000 – Coaches Victor Sanchez (white)
  • 1999 – Coach Ty Brewer (white)

✔ Girls Program

  • 2009 – Coaches Kris Steeves (white)
  • 2008 – Coaches Hillary Carney (white), Amy Vaughan (navy tiempo)
  • 2007 – Coaches Brad Partridge (white), Melissa Vitagliano (navy tiempo), Zoey Thomas (A), Lindsey Beylo (A)
  • 2006 – Coaches Paul Gregory (white), Kody Drake (navy tiempo), Zoey Thomas (navy vapor)
  • 2005 – Coaches Tammy Mazza (white), Melissa Vitagliano (navy tiempo)
  • 2004 – Coaches Amy Vaughan (white), Brad Partridge (navy tiempo), Zoey Thomas (A),
  • 2003 – */** Coaches Eric Arbuzow (white), Kody Drake (navy tiempo), Sophie Maccagnone (A), Zoey Thomas (A),
  • 2002 – */** Coaches Matt Dunn (white), Andrea Wilson (navy tiempo), James Suarez (A), Sophie Maccagnone (A)
  • 2001 – ** Coaches Steve Burgess (Elite Blue), Hillary Carney (white) 
  • 2000/1999 – */** Coaches Stacie Wilson (white)

* Assistants to be assigned
** Speed and Agility — 3rd training sessions will have a focus to SAQ training. This will drive player development in fitness and development work. 

 PBG Try-out flyer 2017-18