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College Recruitment

Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 2.56.01 PMPresenter: Director of College Relations – PBA Head Coach Brian McMahon, 2x National Coach of the Year, 2012 National Champion, 20+ years of coaching both men’s and women’s college soccer, over 380 Collegiate wins, 2016 Palm Beach County Coach of the Year (all sports)

Seminar focus: NCAA I, II & III, NAIA, JUCO, USCAA, College Financial Aid, FAFSA Help, Student Loans, College Recruiting Agencies, Player Profile Sheets, What to say to a college coach, What to look for in a school, NCAA/NAIA Clearinghouse info, Eligibility Requirements, Try-Outs, and much more…


College Recruiting Seminar


  1. Brian McMahon – Palm Beach Atlantic University / PBG Director of College Relations
  2. Jennifer McMahon – Director of Financial Aid
  3. PBG Club Coaches

Objective of Seminar

  1. New Position – Responsibility of my new role
  2. Need for better understanding of the process
  3. Open Forum – Opportunity to ask questions
  4. Financial Aid Discussion
  5. Opportunity to utilize support as needed in the process


  1. So many divisions – which one fits best for me?
  2. NCAA I, II, III; NAIA; Junior College; USCAA
    1. “Full Rides and Scholarship Differences”
  3. What are some of the main differences?
    1. Level of play not always dependent on “Size of Division”
  4. Which ones provide financial aid?

Things to Consider

  1. What should I be looking for in a school?
  2. My personal experience of 72 schools
  3. Size of the school
  4. Location of the school
  5. Religious Affiliation?
  6. Academic Major
  7. Facilities
  8. Relationship to Coach/Team
  9. Feeling – Hard to define

Recruit Letters/Phone Calls/Texts

  1. Always changing, even I’m not sure
  2. NCAA/NAIA Rule books
  3. “Staple Letters” – “fishing”
  4. What is normal interest? Depends on the coach
  5. Profile Forms, Emailing Coaches, What to say?
  6. Recruiting Agencies – Junk Mail Usually

Recruit Visits

  1. Interview them as much as they interview you
  2. Don’t wait on them to find you
  3. Spend time with the team, ask questions
  4. Ask “citizens” what campus is like
  5. Try-outs are different for every school and coach
    1. Ask if you can play, or sit on the bench of a game
  6. Recruiting Video’s – Season Highlights?

The “Signing”

  1. Various levels require various forms
  2. Press Release Questionnaires/AGIA/National Letter of Intent
  3. Media/Newspapers/Websites

Financial Aid – Jennifer McMahon, Director of Financial Aid

  1. What types of financial aid options are there
  2. FAFSA can help determine
  3. Athletic scholarships and “stacking”
  4. Various Loans, Grants, Pell Grants, etc…
  5. Resources available
  6. Are there really “full rides?”
  1. Other Coaches Opportunity to Share
  2. Open Forum of Question and Answer